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Holy Trinity: Home
Welcome to the Website of the Parish of Holy Trinity, Longlevens!
Holy Trinity Parish Church is part of the Church of England in the Diocese of Gloucester.  The church exists to serve people of the Parish of Longlevens, in the north of the City of Gloucester.  We are a suburban parish, lying between the inner and outer ring roads of the City and the parish extends over most of two City Council Wards – Longlevens and Elmbridge.  For details of how to find us, please see “About Us”.
The Vicar writes:
As part of the Church of England, we try to serve the whole community.  We welcome people into our church through baptisms and weddings and minister to the dying and the bereaved.
Holy Trinity is a church which offers a broad range of worship styles.  Central to our understanding is the Eucharist, which is celebrated every Sunday, usually at our main mid-morning service, as well as during the week and on all major Feast Days of the Church.
This website is designed to give you an idea of the life of your Parish Church.  I hope you will enjoy the site and find it informative and easy to use.
Canon Tim Newcombe
Holy Trinity:  Who’s Who
Please do not hesitate to contact the clergy by email or telephone.  Though we are all allowed time away from parochial duties, we will respond promptly to your enquiries and requests for help.
Canon Tim Newcombe – Tim has been ordained for over thirty years and is Vicar of the Parish.  He joined us in 2003.
Rev Suzanne Skepper – Suzanne was ordained in 2009 and this is her first appointment in Parish ministry.
Rev Martin Ennis – Martin is a Minister in Secular Employment (MSE) and is an Associate Priest in the Parish.  He has been with us since 2009.
Contact details:
Canon Tim Newcombe
Holy Trinity Vicarage
Church Road
Tel: 01452 524129
Rev Suzanne Skepper
30 Simon Road
Tel: 01452 523803
Rev Martin Ennis
61 Howard Street
Tel:  01452 548247
Holy Trinity:  About Us
Finding Us
Holy Trinity is at the junction of Church Road and Old Cheltenham Road, in Longlevens.  There is a car park in Church Road and also at the East end of the Church off Old Cheltenham Road.  The number 94  bus from Cheltenham/Gloucester City centre runs through Longlevens and the Church is a short walk from the bus stops.  You can find a map of the local area from all web-based map providers (Multimap, etc) using the postcode of the Vicarage.
We stand as a witness in Longlevens to the love of God and the truth of the Gospel of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  The doors of the church are open to all.  Here, we are sustained by God’s love and nourished by his sacramental presence.  Here, we are renewed in faith and trust.
Daily prayer underpins all that we do as a Church and you are welcome to join the clergy at these services.
Click here for full details of all services and this week’s schedule.
Holy Trinity: Worship
This page describes our regular acts of worship.  Holy Trinity is best described as broad-church/modern catholic.  The Word and Sacrament are the central aspects of our life together, and our pastoral work and outreach arise directly from this.  The Eucharist, our central act of worship, is celebrated every Sunday.
Please check the “This Week” page to see if there are any changes to this schedule, or if there are special events taking place.  At Christmas and around Easter, we offer a special set of services, and these will be published well before these seasons begin.
Sunday Worship
8 amHoly Communion
A quiet said service to start the day, using modern language.  The service is celebrated in the main body of the Church and lasts about 40 minutes.
10.15 ameither Sung Parish Eucharist
A service in modern language with singing accompanied by a pipe organ and robed choir, who help to lead us with the mixture of traditional and more modern hymns..  A short sermon is preached to help explore the readings of the day and their application to our life.  The service is about one hour long.
During this service, from 10.10am, the Sunday Club meets in the Church Hall, next door to the Church.  This Club provides activities for younger children.  Children are welcome to stay in church for the service, and we provide a selection of soft toys in an area set aside for play.
Coffee is served at the back of the Church at the end of this service.  On some occasions, for example at Harvest and Remembrance-tide, this service is replaced by a non-Eucharistic service at which our worship takes a more informal shape.
oron the first Sunday of the month: Trinity Praise!
A shorter, more informal act of worship, usually with a theme.  This service has a mixture of traditional hymns and more modern songs, and always contains prayer, praise and teaching.  The teaching may be in the form of a formal sermon or a discussion or meditation.  There may be movement, drama and silence.  The service lasts about 50 minutes and is specifically designed with families and young children in mind, though of course it is open to everyone.  It is followed by refreshments, just like the Parish Eucharist.
6.30 pmFirst Sunday of the month:  Parish Eucharist as set out in the Book of Common Prayer (1662)
All Other Sundays:  Sung Evensong and Sermon
A traditional service of hymns, psalms and readings, following the order from the Book of Common Prayer (1662).  This is a very beautiful and reflective service for the end of the day.  It lasts just under an hour and a sermon is preached.
Midweek Worship
Morning Prayer is said Monday-Friday at 9 am in the Lady Chapel and on Saturday at 10 am
Evening Prayer is said Monday-Friday at 5 pm in the Lady Chapel
You are welcome to join us for these short services lasting about 20 minutes, at which the scriptures are read, God is praised and the needs of the world, the Church and the local area are brought before God in prayer.  The services follow the order in Common Worship: Daily Prayer.
Wednesday 10 amHoly Communion is celebrated in the Lady Chapel.  This is a service similar in style to the 8 am Sunday service, but in a more intimate setting.  The service lasts about 30 minutes and is followed by coffee.
Holy Communion is also celebrated on all major feast days.  Please check “This Week” for the timings of these services.
Pram services are held periodically.  These services are specially designed for very young children and their carers and happen in association with the Pram Club and Inbetweenies, but all are welcome to join in.  See “This Week”, the church notice board, or call the Clergy to find out when the next service is due to be held.
Holy Trinity : Baptism
Whether you wish to be baptised yourself or wish to have your son or daughter baptised, we are always delighted to receive enquiries about Baptism (Christening).    Baptism is the way we become a full member of the world-wide Christian Church and it opens up a relationship with God as we know him in Jesus Christ.
Come along to Holy Trinity at 10.15 am on a Sunday, make yourself known to one or other of the Clergy and we will be delighted to help you explore this wonderful possibility.
Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Baby
The birth of a baby is wonderful.  If you would like to give thanks to God for the birth of your son or daughter either quietly during the week, or in the middle of Sunday worship, we can arrange this for you.  Doing this does not mean your child cannot be baptised at a later date, but it does give you the opportunity to give thanks to God for the gift of your child.
Holy Trinity : Marriage
When two people love one another and reach the point where they are confident to make a life-long commitment to one another, the clergy at Holy Trinity will always do everything we can to help you take this step.
Though there are certain legal rules and regulations, we will help you negotiate any possible difficulties.  If you have been married before, we will do all we can to help you within the boundaries set by the Church.
Service of Celebration Marking Anniversaries of Marriage
We are always delighted when couples who have been married for numbers of years wish to come to Holy Trinity (where they may have been married) to celebrate particular anniversaries.  We will always do everything we can to help you with a service to meet your wishes, either something involving everyone or something intimate involving just yourselves.
Holy Trinity: Funerals
The death of anyone is always a sadness, but the death of those closest to us is a tragedy.  We will always do whatever we can to help anyone who has been bereaved to mark the death of their loved one in a fitting way.  A funeral can be organised in various ways and set out below are just some of the possibilities that you might like to consider, if it falls to you to organise the funeral for someone close to you.
A Service of Reception.  The coffin containing the body of your loved one can be brought into church to rest there overnight or for some hours before the funeral service.  This simple Service of Reception gives an opportunity for members of the family and close friends to spend some time in prayer and reflection in preparation for the funeral service.
Funeral Service in Church.  Our church is an ideal setting for services both large and small.
This service gives the bereaved a chance to mark the death of a loved one without undue haste.  The funeral service in church allows time to include hymns of your choice, poems, readings, a tribute or eulogy, in addition to the integral elements of the service of a Bible reading, an address, prayers of remembrance and thanksgiving, together with the commendation of your loved one into the care of God.  This service would be followed by a short service of committal at Gloucester Cemetery or at the Crematorium chapel.
Service at the Crematorium Chapel.  This option avoids any travel between Church and Crematorium.  It does, however, limit what can be introduced into a funeral service as the Minister is expected to complete the funeral in 20 minutes.
Holy Trinity: Pastoral Care
God’s love for us is far more generous than anything we can imagine.  At Holy Trinity we do our very best to try and reflect God’s love in meeting pastoral needs, not only of members of the congregation, but also those members of the community who look to us in times of need.
Please contact the Clergy.  You may find that there is practical and spiritual help, advice and guidance.
Holy Trinity: Groups
Regular Groups
The Sunday Club meet in the Church Hall during the time of the 10.15 am service on Sundays.  We follow our own programme of worship, teching and games.  Very often the activities have a craft theme.  We re-join the Eucharist in time to receive Holy Communion.  New members, either regular or when visiting, are always welcome.
Contact Mary Humphris (01452) 421279 or the Clergy for more details.
The Choir rehearses on a Friday evening at 7.15 pm in Church, and sing for the 10.15 am and 6.30 pm services on a Sunday, as well as occasional mid-week services and weddings.  New voices are always welcome.  Speak to the Choirmaster at a Sunday service for more detazils.
The Inbetweenies and the Pram Club are groups for young people.  We meet on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings in the Church Hall.  These groups are popular and admission may be restricted by numbers, so for more details contact Mary Humphris (number as above).  Both groups worship in Church occasionally, at their own short morning services midweek, notably at Christmas, Harvest and Easter.
The Youth Group.  We are a Church run group for children from ages 11-18.  We meet once a month and our meetings include a mixture of prayer, study, games and visits to a variety of venues (ranging from ice skating to Gloucester Cathedral).  For more details please contact Nick Treacher (01452) 421886.
The Mothers’ Union and Ladies’ Group.  We have a full year-round programme each month.  There is an afternoon meeting and an evening meeting and involvement in baptism services.  Contact Jane Whitmore (01452)30243) for full details.
The Twirties We are a group of 20-40 year olds who are members of the congregation.  We are a social group who meet together once a month for a range of activities – a mixture of the light hearted and more serious.  For full details contact Nick Treacher on (01452) 421886.